Web Development

Intro to HTML, CSS, and JS

Taught by: Hannah Kendall

This workshop covers the basics of Web Development - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript! Together, they make up the structure (HTML), the style (CSS), and the functionality (JS) of a web application. Keep reading or watch the workshop to learn how to utilize these tools to make a super cool web application of your own!


Intro to Web APIs

Taught by: Kaylin Chung

Hello! Welcome to HOTH XI's Intro to Web APIs workshop. This is a guide to introduce you to the foundations of Web APIs that will allow you to integrate them into any fullstack project. We will be covering the client-server model, HTTP requests & responses, and how we can leverage external servers to retrieve data and services for an app. Keep reading to learn more!


Intro to Servers

Taught by: Samuel Perrott

In this workshop, you will learn server-side programming in the context of full stack applications! Topics covered include HTTP, CRUD, and REST APIs. The second half of the workshop will include a hands-on demo building your own REST API using Flask and connecting it with a React frontend. By the end of the workshop you will become a server savant savvy with tools such as Postman. Viewers are recommended to have a strong foundation in JavaScript and Python.


Intro to React.js

Taught by: Kayla Kamakawa

Hello! Welcome to the Intro to React JS workshop for HOTH XI! Here we will be introducing frontend web development using React. In this workshop we will utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so I would recommend watching the workshop on those if you are not already familiar with them!


Mobile Development

Intro to React Native

Taught by: Max Lee

Hello and welcome to our Intro to React Native workshop! We'll be covering the basics of React Native in a way that I hope is simple to understand and impactful enough to teach some key features of app development. Happy hacking!



Hackathon 101

Taught by: Aazel Tan

This workshop video explains the basics of hackathons, which are events where people work together to create technology projects. You'll learn what to expect and how to make the most out of your experience. By the end of the video, you'll have a better understanding of what hackathons are all about and how to get started with attending one. Happy hacking, handy hackers!


Intro to Git

Taught by: Lillian Gonick

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Intro to Git workshop README! In this workshop, we will be covering the version control system: Git. Together, we will walk through installing git, creating our first repository, and merging two branches!


Intro to Databases

Taught by: Sneha Agarwal

Hi! Welcome to HOTHXI's Database workshop, in this workshop we'll be covering the basics of what a database is and walkthrough how to set up, retrieve information, and add information to our database! Before starting this workshop I recommend checking out the React JS or React Native workshops if you're not familar with them.


Intro to Deep Learning

Taught by: Leon Lenk, Maxine Wu, & Jordan Lin (ACM AI)

Shoutout to the folks over at ACM AI for putting this together! They created this workshop so serve as an introduction to deep learning, including a notebook linked on the readme to show you actual deep learning code and take you through a hands-on of how you can build this code yourself! In the process of building this model, they go over Big Data, avoiding bias and unintended patterns, understanding our data, making the network, and training


Intro to Game Development

Taught by: Austin Law (ACM Game Studio)

Shoutout to Austin Law from ACM Game Studio for putting this workshop together for us! In this section, he talks about game development, some tips to success, and lastly, a short introduction to using the Unity game engine