Web Development

Intro to HTML, CSS, and JS

Taught by: Shiyu Ye

This workshop will take you on a fun and interactive journey through the three amigos of web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will go over how to use HTML to structure your web pages, CSS to style them up with colors, fonts, and layouts, and JavaScript to add some fun little tricks. As a practice, we will be creating a personal website for Anya from Spy x Family! Hope to spy you there, fam ;)


Intro to Web APIs

Taught by: Abigail Tran

Sick of waiting all year for your Spotify Wrapped? Learn how to build your own version of Receiptify or Spotify Pie using spotify APIs! In this workshop, we will learn all about using Web APIs to integrate existing software systems (like Twitter, Venmo, Spotify, Google Maps) within your OWN project! So wrap up your Spotify playlist, and queue up this workshop on APIs!


Intro to Servers

Taught by: Andy Lewis

This intro to servers workshop covers the basics of the client-server model and touches on relevant topics like hardware and software servers, HTTP, and JSON. During the accompanying demo, you will learn how to create a simple server and its API using JavaScript, Node.js, and Express. The server features a simulated user database with user manipulation using GET, POST, and DELETE requests, which we will test using the API tester, Postman! Stay posted for this workshop and take your express ticket to server expertise!


Intro to React.js

Taught by: Brooke Jiang

In this workshop, we cover the basics of React with a simple demo of creating a grocery list. We will introduce React, explain why we want to use it, make our first component, and allow it to display different information using props and! Furthermore, we will learn the basics of State and useState, and how React magic lets the user interact with the site. Shop no longer for ways to create your ideal website and state tuned for this introduction to React!


Mobile Development

Intro to React Native

Taught by: James Wu

Ever wanted to make your own mobile app? Let's explore React Native—a cross platform development tool that's behind Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and many other iconic names. In this workshop, we'll learn how to create our own app from scratch, going over views, components, functionality, and more so that you can be a native of React!



Hackathon 101

Taught by: Anan Wang

This workshop video explains the basics of hackathons, which are events where people work together to create technology projects. You'll learn what to expect and how to make the most out of your experience. By the end of the video, you'll have a better understanding of what hackathons are all about and how to get started with attending one. Happy hacking, handy hackers!


Intro to Git

Taught by: Jenna Wang

Git is a distributed version control system; it brings a local copy of the complete repository to every team member’s computer, facilitating collaboration and easy tracking of changes made to code. The benefits of using Git include the flexibility to work offline, reliable backup copies, fast merging and flexible branching, rapid feedback, fewer merge conflicts, and available support. We’ll be going over how to install and configure Git and how to use various Git commands to switch branches, commit, push, and pull code, so let's 'git gud' at git!


Intro to Databases

Taught by: Satyen Subramaniam

All good projects need a strong foundation - a base for their data. Join us in this workshop where we'll run through the use cases of databases, the structure of popular types of databases, and how to choose a database. We'll also do a full demo using Google Firebase - a beginner friendly non-relational database - and connect it to a custom website using React, all completely from scratch! Get ready cus this workshop is gonna be absolutely fire (and make your websites hella based) :)


Intro to Game Development

Taught by: Austin Law (ACM Game Studio)

It’s gamer time! In this workshop, we cover some general tips to game development. Whether you want to make an action RPG or a visual novel, it's important to keep in mind where to start, how to scale properly, and how to work with a team. Then, we briefly dive into Unity and the Unity Editor, and follow a condensed version of Unity's Roll-A-Ball tutorial. So grab your headsets and watch this workshop cus it’s time to up your game dev game!


Intro to UI/UX Design

Taught by: Caitlyn Chen and Sara Kuchimpos (Creative Labs)

We will cover the higher level goals of UI/UX, how to think about design, and common design mistakes. Along the way, we'll drops some tips and tricks to make your design absolutely bomb and give you guys some extra resources to reference.


Intro to Machine Learning

Taught by: Caden Davis, Jason Jewik, and Nisha McNealis (ACM AI)

This workshop is an introduction to Machine Learning presented to you by ACM AI. We'll briefly introduce what Machine Learning is, the theory behind it, and how you can apply it to your own hackathon project.