HOTH X Winners 🎉



Best Overall

QuakeAlert is an earthquake detection web application that can inform people within the affected radius of an earthquake so they can reach safety.

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Best Web

Enjoy sports and save the planet!

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Best Mobile

Find UCLA students who are going to the same places you are. Plan ahead, or in real-time. Save the environment and your wallets by splitting hefty rideshare fees with ease (that LAX → UCLA Uber x__x).

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Road Rager

Best Game

Road Rager is an educational game that teaches about aggressive driving. Players drive a car, and an ML-generated model trained on real-world data will determine if the player is driving recklessly.

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Best in Intersectional Environmentalism

Bruin Thrift connects UCLA students seeking to sell/give away their clothing, furniture, or other belongings.

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Best Beginner

Accessible Travels for all Bruins.

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